What is Stump Grinding?

When a large or small tree is removed, there is most often a visible stump left behind. These stumps can be removed using a piece of equipment known as a Stump Grinder.

Stump Grinders shred the stump and surrounding roots to chips that soon decompose. During this process, the grass immediately surrounding the stump is destroyed – but we do offer grass seed upon request!

Before & After

Cardinal Tree Care offers stump grinding services to our clients who wish to remove the remaining stump or surface roots to several inches below the ground. Though this treatment initially causes the lawn surrounding the stump to be upturned and disturbed, in the long run it will allow decay to occur naturally. By the following season, there can often be no sign a tree had been planted in the spot.



Tree Stump Stool

As an alternative to stump removal, some clients choose to keep the stump as a natural and cost effective alternative. A ‘stump stool’ can be a great spot for a planter or lawn ornament.

Tree Trunk Sculpture

Leaving the stump at other heights could be a great spot for a bird feeder, bird house, or natural habitat and food source for wildlife.