Cardinal Tree Care offers our clients full tree removal service, meaning we will take away all the leaves, branches, trunk and stump of the tree.

Healthy trees larger than 30cm in diameter usually require a tree removal permit and our ISA certified arborists can determine if a permit is necessary for the removal of our tree.

The tree removal process for medium to large sized trees usually takes one day to complete. Smaller trees can be done in less than a day, and some larger trees may take more time. We often book tree removal work two weeks in advance.


Some clients choose to keep the remaining wood to use as firewood. Large hardwood trees are an excellent natural resource. Larger branches and the main stems and trunk of the tree can be used as firewood. We’re able to cut larger pieces of wood into firewood length (usually about 16 inches) and leave them for you.

There is a discount for clients who choose to keep some or all of the remaining wood on their property.

As an alternative to stump removal, some clients choose to keep the stump as a natural and cost effective solution